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[audio]Aish Kodesh 10/01/09 Sukkot - Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman - Henoch Dov Hoffman, Tsivya
Teachings of the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto.
Keywords: Sukkot
Downloads: 62
[texts]Service of the Synagogue, Tabernacles : festival prayers, with an English translation in prose and verse - Adler, Herbert M. (Herbert Marcus)

Keywords: Sukkot; Sukkot
Downloads: 1,270
[audio]Fireside Chat Full Version - Rood
Recorded at the 2010 Northwest Sukkot
Keywords: Sukkot Canby
Downloads: 7
[audio]061015 - Sukkot (audio) - Alive Community Church
Sermon by Bro Terence Leong about the jewish feast of tabernacles
Keywords: jewish feasts tabernacles sukkot
Downloads: 135
[audio]Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg--Sukkos 5769--Being Private with Hashem
Lecture given in the Mishory Sukkah in Denver, CO, on Chol Hamoed Sukkot October 16, 2008. The topic was learning to build an inner life.
Keywords: Sukkot; spirituality; Jewish; Goldberg
Downloads: 28
[audio]061015 - Sukkot (audio) - Alive Community Church
sermon by bro terence leong entitled 'Sukkot'.
Keywords: sukkot jewish feast celebration
Downloads: 64
[audio]Rabbi Elie Krausz--Sukkos 5769--Simcha-The Ritzuy after the Chet
At Simchas Beis Hashoeiva, Motzei Shabbos Chol Hamoed Sukkos, October 18, 2008, at Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Denver, Colorado. Rabbi Elie Krausz. The subject of the brief maamar was Hashem's ritzuy of Klal Yisroel after Chet Haegel which is the source of the simcha of Sukkos.
Keywords: Krausz; Sukkot; Toras Chaim
Downloads: 10
[audio]Sukkot 2008 Service - Shalom Baptist Church
Teaching on the story of sukkot for the children during our outdoor sukkot service on October 18th 2008
Keywords: sermon; shalom; sukkot
Downloads: 6
[audio]Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan--Sukkos 5769--Ananei HaKovod and Hachanas Hamishkan
Maamar Motzei Shabbos Chol Hamoed Sukkos, October 18, 2008, at Yeshiva Toras Chaim, Denver, Colorado. Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan, Shlit"a, Rosh Hayeshiva. The subject of the maamar was the midah keneged midah of the Ananei HaKovod returning on Tes-Vav Tishrei when Klal Yisroel began the Meleches Hamishkan.
Keywords: Kagan; Sukkot; Toras Chaim
Downloads: 73
[audio]Aish Kodesh 05/14/09 Behar Bechukosai - Henoch Dov Hoffman, Tsivya
May 14, 2009, Aish Kodesh Class, Parshat Behar-Bechukosai We say J Witness because we are not permitted to say G*dâs hidden name. We canât say TO BE in the present tense because when we are in the present moment we are experiencing the divine. On the day the son of the Aish Kodesh died, the Aish Kodesh made the chazzan stop crying because it was Sukkot, the time of our joy. The Aish Kodesh knew how to celebrate and was about to create joy in the Warsaw Ghetto...
Keywords: Complaints; holidays; Blasphemer; aleph; Sukkot; Vayikra; galute
Downloads: 18
[audio]Sukkot Sermon 2008 - Shalom Baptist Church
Sermon on Christ in the Feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles. Teaching on the origin of Sukkot, Messianic leasons in the Feast, and Practices of yesterday and today.
Keywords: sermon; shalom; beliefs; Tabernacles; Sukkot; Messiah
Downloads: 46
[audio]T2TN092210JS - dw
Do we really believe scripture or do we want to make it politically correct? Can we take the parts of the word of Yahweh that are inconvenient, misunderstood or improperly applied through a western mindset and "fix" them by our own interpretation, slant or opinion or should we just read the text in context, in the language and believe and practice what it says? Do we dare believe that we can assign YHVH's intent as filtered through our modern day lenses or should we just learn to think like anci...
Keywords: Bible; inerrancy; Jim Staley; Sukkot; tabernacles
Downloads: 185
[texts]Gratitude : a sermon - Hertz, Joseph H. (Joseph Herman), 1872-1946

Keywords: Sukkot sermons; Gratitude -- Religious aspects Judaism
Downloads: 290

Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Gaza; Israel; Palestine; Sukkot; Lulav
Downloads: 25
[audio]Rain Part I Promise Of Messiah - Elizabeth Kirkley Best
Rain is an integral part of the Bible, and yet almost never studied more than cursorily.   There are many types of rain in the Bible, and rain often refers to both Life in the Spirit and Life in Israel,  indicating the replenishing of the Land, the living water of the Spirit, and the withdrawing of rain is seen as a severe judgment of God when mankind fails his ways.  In the end times, all nations come up to Jerusalem and those who will not come suffer the withdrawal of rain, accompanied by ...
Keywords: Rain; Jerusalem; Bible; Zechariah; Feast of Tabernacles; Sukkot
Downloads: 3
Sukka City
Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Nan Rubin; Sukkot; Sukkos; Holiday; Art
Downloads: 32
[audio]Clear Truth 24 Sukkot - James Scott Trimm
Our Annual Sukkot episode.
Keywords: Torah; Messianic; Yahwist; Judaism; Jewish; Nazarene; Yeshua; Messiah; Sukkot; Tabbernacles
Downloads: 68 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]t2TN092910JLEB - dw
LIVE FROM JERUSALEM, It's Hebrew Nation Radio! Prophetic encounters, Ruach led encounters, divine appointments and the beginning stages of the "Whole House of Israel" finding a place of unity and understanding as our Abba leads Jamie, Eric Bissell and Daryle into the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot celebration in Jerusalem teaching scripture from a Paleo (ancient)Hebrew perspective. In the tradition of the Hebrew Nation, "it's radio you can't get, anywhere else".
Keywords: Muslim; Jews; Jewish; Eric Bissell; Jerulalem; Sukkot; Israel; Feast; Eprhraim
Downloads: 390

Keywords: Beyond The Pale; WBAI; Sukkes; Sukkos; Sukkot; Jenny Romaine; holiday
Downloads: 29
[texts]Derushim le-Yamim Noraʼim ule-ḥagim u-moadim - Rabinowitz, Samuel, 1869-1936
Electronic reproduction
Keywords: High Holiday sermons; Sukkot sermons; Jewish sermons, Yiddish
Downloads: 96
[audio]t2tn093010GC - dw
Brother Garry Capps of Bondservant Ministries delivers a Shavuout / Pentecost message from earlier in the year that is very timely for the season of the Feast of Tabernacles / Sukkot. If you haven't heard brother Garry, his down-to-earth style, straight forward demeanor and hard-hitting message is a message for our day. The Hebrew Nation Morning Show team is at Sukkot for the rest of this week and will return on Monday with fresh reports live from Israel.
Keywords: Israel; Garry Capps; Bondservant; Sukkot; Tabernacle; Hebrew nation; Hebrew
Downloads: 15
[audio]T2TN092710JG - dw
The fall moedim or rehearsal Festivals of YHVH are for all His people to keep. They start out with the Day of Shouting or Trumpets, (YomTeruah), continue with the Day of Atonement, described as "at one-ment" (Yom Kippur) and end with Booths or Tabernacles. We are mandated to put aside our sins to Abba and to man and to ask forgiveness and be right with all. Then to test out our sincerity by living with those same people during Sukkot to see if it stuck...
Keywords: Talking Torah; Jeff Gilbert; Nation; Hebrew; Denomination; Torah; Sukkot
Downloads: 191
[audio]garry capps - dw
A Shavuot - Pentecost message seemed very timely for the season of Sukkot from earlier in the year. Brother Garry Capps of Bondservant Ministries always impresses us here at Hebrew Nation Radio as he listens to the Ruach haKodesh and delivers what often turns out to be a hard-hitting message in an enjoyable, down-home style. Bondservants can be heard every day on Hebrew Nation Radio. If you'd like a schedule of programs emailed to you, write to: Don@t2tn.com The Hebrew Nation Crew will be back l...
Keywords: Hebrew Nation; Y'shua; Shavuot; Sukkot; Israel; Garry Capps; bondservant
Downloads: 333
[audio]Feast of Tabernacles 2012 - High Day - David Walters
A message by David Walters from the 2012 Feast of Tabernacles reviewing the Spring High Days and explaining the purpose and blessing of observing the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles.
Keywords: Christian; Apostolic; Messianic; Bible; Sabbath; Prophecy; revelation; salvation; Feast of Tabernacles; Sukkot; High Day
Downloads: 6
[texts]Our Wonderful Lord, Feast of Tabernacles, The Wise Men - Deoram Bolan, Trumpet Voice Ministries, Arlington, Texas 76006
Three short (one or two pages each) Bible-based teaching articles from Bible teacher Deoram Bolan of Arlington, Texas., (email is Deoram@thechange.org). "Our Wonderful Lord" surprising inspiring facts about Jesus Christ the Lord, "The Feast of Tabernacles" - surprising application of the Lord's Old Testament feast day patterns, and "The Wise Men" - inspiring details of the story which most have never heard before...
Keywords: Deoram Bolan; Feast of Tabernacles; Wise Men; Our Wonderful Lord; Lord Jesus Christ; Sukkot; Tabernacles; Booths
[audio]Achla Muzika III-6: October 7, 2009 - Gideon Klionsky
Songs about the holiday of Sukkot in particular and related to harvesting/autumn in general.Playlist: http://bit.ly/AM_iii_06Email: israel@wbrs.orgFacebook: http://facebook.com/achlamuzika
Keywords: gideon; klionsky; brandeis; wbrs; achla; muzika; israeli; sukkot; autumn; ברנדייס; גדעון; קליאנסקי; סוכות; סתו
Downloads: 9
[audio]2012-10-06 Sukkot - Beth Zion Podcast
Sukkot October 6, 2012 Torah Portion: Exodus 33:12-34:26 Haftarah: Ezekiel 38:18-39:16 B'rit Chadashah: Revelations 19:1-16 Message delivered at Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue in Jackson, New Jersey by Rabbi Jan Rosenberg.
Keywords: judaism; torah; sukkot; beth zion; rabbi jan; jan rosenberg; message; messianic
Downloads: 57
[audio]2013-09-21 Sukkot - Beth Zion Podcast
SukkotSeptember 21, 2013Torah Portion: Leviticus 23:39-44B'rit Chadashah: John 1:1-14Message given at Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue in Jackson, New Jersey by Rabbi Jan Rosenberg
Keywords: torah; judaism; messianic; jackson; new jersey; sukkot; rabbi jan; jan rosenberg
Downloads: 86
[audio]The Feast of Sukkot: the Protection of God, Pointing to Messiah - Elizabeth Kirkley Best
The feast of Sukkot is the one feast commanded of all peoples, and in the end time, all will be commanded to come up to celebrate in Israel, or the LORD will withold rain. This joyous celebration of the LORD's protection in booths made of tree branches and leaves pointing to God's love, comfort and Messiah, celbrates the victories of the Jewish people under Moses under God's Protection.
Keywords: Sukkot; Feast of Tabernacles; Booths; Succoth; Jewish Feasts; Old Testament; Moses
Downloads: 28
[audio]Aish Kodesh 06/03/10 Parsha Shlach - Henoch Dov Hoffman, Tsivya
June 3, 2010 Shelach Lecha Aish Kodesh Class You cannot stand in a place of Torah until you fail there. We have to destigmatize failure. The Torah teaches that what we do five minutes after the transgression is important. Successful businessmen have gone bankrupt two or three times. [TRF: Moshe says to HaShem that he is like a woman carrying a sucking baby. This fits in perfectly with the metaphor of the Israelites being in childhood while wandering in the desert...
Keywords: Spies; Rudolf Kastner; Jeremiah; Rechov; test; Sukkot; Passover; Shavuos; incense; sotah; argue
Downloads: 20
[audio]Mishory Chumash Class, October 7, 2008, HaZinu - Mordechai Mishory, Tsivya
Most of the parsha is a shir. âMoshe came.â Where did he come from? Why does it say âin the ears of the peopleâ? Why has Yeshoshua lost the yud in the front of his name? To show that he is just as humble as he was before he was the leader, since he was given the yud prefix when he was elevated from being just another student of Mosheâs. When people have power, they change. However, with Yehoshua, his essence did not change...
Keywords: Moshe; Yehoshua; Joshua; circumcision of the heart; Sukkot; ten songs; Yom Kippur; teshuva
Downloads: 20
[audio]Feast of Tabernacles or Booths, Symbolism and Application for Christian or Messianic Experience - Deoram Bolan, Trumpet Voice Ministries, Arlington, Texas 76006
Feast of Tabernacles, known as Sukkot, or Feast of Booths, is established in the Torah or Law of Moses in Leviticus 23:34 and Numbers 28:17. This Festival, and the other Feast days of Leviticus 23 and Number 28 are prophetic and symbolic of how the Lord would work with Israel and with all mankind. There is a personal application as well; that is, the personal progress of salvation and sanctification and participation in the coming Kingdom of the heavens are portrayed in these feasts...
Keywords: Messiah; Sukkot; Feast of Tabernacles; Feast of Booths; Sharon Bolan Yerby; Deoram Bolan
Downloads: 5
[audio]T2TN092110MC - dw
To the great credit of the wisdom of Abba Yahweh, he has not only warned His people about a time of judgment and tribulation to come, but He has repeatedly given us ways escape and instructions for victory. The Feasts of YHVH or the Feasts of the Lord are replete throughout Scripture and are intended as Set-apart rehearsal days for the coming Kingdom reign of Y'shua. Mark Call, host of Come Out of Her My People, heard Thurday afternoon live on Hebrew Nation Radio at 4:00 pm West Coast time zone ...
Keywords: Come our of her my people; Feasts of the Lord; Hebrew; Sukkot; Holy Spirit; Attack
Downloads: 218
[texts]Alex The Parrot-Guin text - Roy Trumbull
A one of a kind bird that is half parrot and half penguin lives near the tip of South America. With his friend Juanita and Ruffa the dog they go on a great adventure that takes them to the Antarctic and then to a penguin colony on the coast of Patagonia.
Keywords: Alex The Parrot-Guin; Patagonia; penguins; adventure; South America; Egypt; gold; movies,Sukkot,Bird Island
Downloads: 92
[audio]Elements Of The Incarnation - Peter Macinta
Many Holy Bible scholars feel that, based on Luke and other Holy Scriptures, Christ was born about the time of the Feast of Tabernacles. Numbers 29:12-13 mentions the feast and shows many points of the incarnation. There might be related items at  http://sapphirestreams.com/life/audioM.html#M147. Hear more messages at http://sapphirestreams.com/life/audioM.html. 
Keywords: incarnation; birth of Christ; Feast of Tabernacles; Feast of Booths; Sukkah; Gospel of Luke; tabernacled amongst us; John 1:14; dwelt among us; Sukkot
Downloads: 1
[audio]Aish Kodesh, October 4, 2012, Sukkas - Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman, Tsivya
Aish Kodesh, October 4, 2012, Sukkot Why would anyone go into a sukkah in the Warsaw Ghetto? This is the time of our joy when everyone else is going into their homes and turning on the heat. Why are the crazy Jews in a hut without a roof? It was planned this way deliberately. In Israel it’s cooler and it has already rained. Israel is a place where we beg for rain. The four species are all water plants...
Keywords: Sukkot; water plants; water ceremony; four species; willow; myrtle; etrog; lulav; holidays; common law; holy space; kiva; inside light; surrounding light; scapegoating; kabbalah; Rabbi Twerski; in the zone; remorse; guilt; Solomon; doubt; 65; 26; 91; efforts; trust
Downloads: 572
[audio]T2TN031210MM.mp3 - dw
Don and Jamie talk about the new book store, web site at t2tn a sukkot trip to Israel and intorduce simcha Torah student Marcie Moran
Keywords: Don; Jamie; Hebric book store; web site; t2tn.com; sukkot trip to Israel simcha Torah; Marcie Moran; tour; ephraim; Judah; 10 tribes; 12 tribes; northern kingdom; southern kingdom; dispersed; regather
Downloads: 45
[movies]Ethan Kaseff 18Apr2012 Yiddish Book Center - Yiddish Book Center (Benno)
Ethan Kaseff was interviewed by Sara Israel on April 18, 2012 at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA. To learn more about the Wexler Oral History Project, visit: http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/tell-your-story To cite this interview: Ethan Kasseff Oral History Interview, interviewed by Sara Israel, Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project, Karmazin Recording Studio, Yiddish Book Center, April 18, 2012...
Keywords: Advice; Favorite Yiddish word; Yiddish words; Family history; stories about ancestors; Childhood; Jewish Identity; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Other languages; Religion and ritual; Family traditions; Jewish holidays; Israel; Zionism; Eastern Europe; United States; Yiddish Book Center; Youth group; Food and culinary traditions; Transmission; Travel; Education; Jewish education; Sukkos; Sukkot; Yiddish revival and activism; Hebrew; shabbat; shabbes; sabbath; Ethan Kaseff; Young Judaea; United Synagogue Youth; USY; North American Federation of Temple Youth; NFTY; Dovid Katz; Tumbalalayka; Afn Pripetshik; Yiddish Book Center; National Yiddish Book Center; Wexler Oral History Project; nybc; ybc; Yiddish; Jewish culture
Downloads: 21
[movies]Mark Louden 21March2012 Yiddish Book Center - Yiddish Book Center (Lily)
Mark Louden, Professor of Linguistics in the Department of German at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, was interviewed by Allie Brudner on March 21, 2012 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Professor Louden is one of a small number of non-Jewish Yiddish experts. Louden grew up in Oakland, California, and was exposed to Jewish culture and Yiddish through friends’ families and his parents’ friends...
Keywords: Yiddish Book Center; National Yiddish Book Center; Wexler Oral History Project; nybc; ybc; Yiddish; Jewish culture; Advice; Childhood; Yiddish language; Yiddish teaching; Yiddish learning; Yiddish revival and activism; Other languages; Career and Professional Life; Scholarship; Academia; Education; Eastern Europe; Soviet Union; United States; Latin America; Transmission; Assimilation; Purim; Sukkos; Sukkot; Yiddish Book Center; Music; Klezmer; Rural; Mark Louden; California; Madison WI; University of Wisconsin Madison; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s; Chassidic; Hasidic; Itzik Gottesman; Texas; German; Oakland CA; Cornell University; Pennsylvania Dutch; Henry Sapoznik; University of Texas; Haredim; Milwaukee; Golda Meir; Manitowoc WI; KlezKamp
Downloads: 54
[movies]Amy Leos-Urbel 4October2011 Yiddish Book Center - Yiddish Book Center (Emily)
Amy Leos-Urbel was interviewed on October 4, 2011 by Irene Starr at the Yiddish Book Center. To learn more about the Wexler Oral History Project, visit: http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/tell-your-story
Keywords: Family history; stories about ancestors; Eastern Europe; Jewish Identity; Childhood; Simchat Torah; Simkhas torah; Sukkos; Sukkot; Pesakh; Passover; Yiddish language; Urban; Politics and political movements; Summer camp; Jewish community; Travel; Jewish holidays; Synagogue; shul; temple; Yiddish Book Center; Transmission; Assimilation; Rural; Advice; Yiddish learning; Post-vernacular uses of Yiddish; Immigration; Migration; Other languages; Hebrew; Film; Career and Professional Life; United States; Holocaust; Amy Leos-Urbel; New York City; Brooklyn; Queens; Philadelphia; Social Justice; Northampton MA; Fiddler on the Roof; German; French; Grandparents; Yiddish Book Center; National Yiddish Book Center; Wexler Oral History Project; nybc; ybc; Yiddish; Jewish culture
Downloads: 24
[texts]Richmond ReView (Volume Vol. 8, No. 1)
Richmond District, Seacliff, Laurel Heights, and Presidio Heights neighborhood newspaper
Keywords: Argonne Community Garden; 20th anniversary party/harvest festival free; Assmann, David; recycling glass; Cellular Telephones; questions about safety for Geary/26th Ave. plan; Chain Stores; Shelley calls for hearing about impacts; Cournale & Co; DeFilippo, Capt. Jerome (Jerry); Operation SafePed; Feinstein, Katherine; director MCJC at Comm./Police Forum; Fewer, Brian; history of Rich; Gjoa; old boat located in GG Park free; Habitat for Humanity; History; Gjoa in GG Park free; Jordan, Mayor Frank; Matrix program a success; Kolmar, Ginny; India Clay Oven; Lee, John M; 1998 was banner year in R.E., Real Estate industry needs to adapt; Matrix Program; still in force, 28 arrests, 200 citations; NERT, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team; disaster drill slated; Open Studios program; List of artists for upcoming event; Operation SafePed; update; Ozel, Melinda; youth won Children's Secret Garden Art Contest free; Richmond District Senior Recognition Day; first ever; Richmond Police (Station); Crime down in district; Richmond Police (Station); juvenile p/u at bus stop and raped near Cliff House; Richmond Police (Station); Matrix still in force, arrests; Self Help for the Elderly; 8th annual Senior Sports Day free; SF Board of Supervisors; cancels Richmond meeting for Kwanza; Shelley, Kevin; conducts hearing on chain stores; Sukkot; street fest. upcoming; Sullivan's Sport Shop; wants to sell firearms; Temple Emanu-El; Sukkot celebration; UCSF-Laurel Heights; Regents OK new plan; Veteran's Administration Medical Center (Clement St.); EIR for new building ready
Downloads: 19
[texts]Richmond ReView (Volume Vol. 8, No. 2)
Richmond District, Seacliff, Laurel Heights, and Presidio Heights neighborhood newspaper
Keywords: Assmann, David; Environmental tips for the holidays; Chain Stores; merchants rally to stop chains; Columbarium; Expansion plan gets OK; DeFilippo, Capt. Jerome (Jerry); crime down, good arrests; District Elections; input sought; Elections; D.A. candidates debate; Gang Activity, Rich; gangs may be involved in Geary robberies; Golden Gate Park; de Young trustees look at Pier 27-29 option; History; Geary/Presidio in 1940 free; Jordan, Mayor Frank; State of the City; Kolmar, Ginny; Jasmine House; Lee, John M; Sellers need to be cautious; Mary's Bakery; Operation SafePed; nets 550 violators; Palace of the Legion of Honor; Legion to reopen w/gala; Sea Cliff; Shelley moves to limit buses; St. John's Presbyterian Church; celebrates 125th anniversary brief; Sukkot; freestanding
Downloads: 6
[movies]Judy Kunofsky 11Jan2013 Yiddish Book Center - Yiddish Book Center (Chad)
Judy Kunofsky was born in New York City to a secular family. She attended the Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle) as a child for four years. She moved to California after college and to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1972. After going to KlezKamp for more than a dozen years, she and colleagues decided to create a non-profit in the Bay Area to promote Yiddish culture and klezmer music. KlezCalifornia was formed in 2003 and is now a thriving part of the Bay Area Jewish scene...
Keywords: Yiddish Book Center; National Yiddish Book Center; Wexler Oral History Project; nybc; ybc; Yiddish; Jewish culture; Advice; Favorite Yiddish word; Yiddish words; Family history; stories about ancestors; Childhood; Jewish Identity; Yiddish language; Yiddish learning; Yiddish revival and activism; Coming back to Yiddish; Post-vernacular uses of Yiddish; Hebrew; Dance; Music; Film; Literature; Poetry; Career and Professional Life; Education; Religion and ritual; Jewish holidays; Israel; Feminism; Eastern Europe; United States; Politics and political movements; Yiddish Book Center; Summer camp; Food and culinary traditions; Transmission; Jewish community; Rural; Travel; shabbat; shabbes; sabbath; Sukkos; Sukkot; Judy Kunofsky; Judith Kunofsky; KlezCalifornia; Dneiper River; Belorussia; Belarus; New York City; Brooklyn; Manhattan; Arbeter Ring; Workmen's Circle; California; KlezKamp; Chavurah; Kiev; Gomel Belarus
Downloads: 95
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